Wine Cylinders


At the heart of the TAP. system is our state-of-the-art 20 litre stainless wine cylinders that store the equivalent of 26 bottles of wine.

These stainless steel wine cylinders are engineered to protect the wine from harmful oxidation and UV rays to eliminate spoilage, whilst also preventing costly bottle breakages.

By storing the wine under a blanket of inert gas, combined with the superior thermal properties of stainless steel ensure each wine is preserved with its full flavour and taste intact.

At TAP. we are extremely conscious of the sustainability of our environment and are absolutely committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the wine industry. Our sustainable, reusable wine cylinders have a lifespan of 30 years and each individual fill eliminates the need to manufacture, package, transport, store and then dispose of 26 glass bottles, not to mention the corks / screw caps and cartons.

Don’t worry, we are committed to wine quality too. We want no wine to be spoiled. The TAP. wine cylinders eliminate any chance of cork taint and more commonly, the wastage associated with tired, oxidised wine left in open bottles from one service to the next. With precision temperature control, and the use of inert gas, every single drop is perfectly fresh poured into the waiting glass of a happy customer.